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Middle Eastern Dancer, Performer, Instructor
Director of "Perfumes of Araby" Dance Company

Email or call Anaheed 818 893 9019

Anaheed, Middle Eastern Entertainer, Belly Dancer, Teacher
photo by Walter Rasmussen

Anaheed has been performing and teaching for many years. She loves sharing the joy of this art form. Belly Dancing is a powerful, feminine form of artistic expression. Give yourself the gift of dance and try Belly Dancing!

Note: Anaheed is an Armenian or Persian girl's name, sometimes spelled differently (for foreign languages it's usually phonetic choice!) as in: Anahid, Anahed, Anahita, or variation Nahed. The meaning relates to the Goddess Diana, or Moon Goddess, as well as a famous ancient Persian Queen named Anahita known for her good deeds toward her people. I use the name to honor a little bit of Middle Eastern blood in my background and as part of my real name. The spelling is my choice for easier pronunciation. (Although I still get called called "Miss Heed" on occasion!)

Perfumes of Araby Swap Meet

Twice a year, the "P of A" puts on a lively day of swapping, shopping, and dancing! The dates are usually in the spring and fall.

Anaheed Swap Meet, New Location, Goodies and Crowds
Anaheed counts door-prize tickets and watches the shopping frenzy!

Call Anaheed 818 893 9019    

Location: Granada Pavilion, 11128 Balboa Blvd. Granada Hills, CA., (1/4 mile south of 118 fwy, corner of Balboa and San Fernando Mission Rd, behind Trader Joe's)

Time: Table set up starts 11:30 AM, Swap open 12:30 - 6:30 PM. Swapping and Dancing all afternoon!

Fees: Table or rack space only $20. Due to increased popularity, please send space payment with reservation. For confirmation, please include an SASE or email. Send check or m.o. to: M.A. Cappa, 9046 Haskell Ave, N. Hills, CA 91343.

Dancing signups: Please register in advance. Solos 5-7 min. Groups 8-10 min. Registration forms can be found here or call Anaheed: (818) 893-9019 with questions.


Belly Dance Variety Show!
Now Known as: Anaheed's Beledy Dance Show!
formerly: Café Beledy

Backstage at Cafe Beledy
Backstage at Café Beledy - 1998 at the Parsart Theatre
Top: Leyla, Anja, Cyriana, Halla Mustapha.
Bottom: Melody Joy, Anaheed, Kamaal

Recent History of "Cabaret Beledy"

In 2007 Café Beledy became Cabaret Beledy and was held at the beautiful Gotta Dance Studio Theater in Granada Hills. For several years we were lucky to have exciting live music and wonderful dance artists such as Amara, Anja, Kamaal, Catharae, Jorjana, and of course Anaheed and members of Perfumes of Araby. Regrettably, in 2011, the studio had to relocate and Cabaret Beledy went on hiatus. This year with popular demand and a re-energized format, we are bringing our variety show back with a new name "Aanaheed's Beledy Dance Show" and the same fine quality.

Anaheed's Beledy Show will continue to feature local dancers, teachers and top students performing to live or recorded music of their choice. Please join us for a variety-packed evening in a friendly, familiar location with plenty of free parking! Watch here for the latest developments.

Concert Feature

David and Anaheed in "Lotus and the Cross" In addition to Belly Dance events, Anaheed has participated in unique concerts that have included outstanding dance artists and challenging themes.

The show known as “Experimental Evening of Middle Eastern Dance,” or "EEMED," was produced by talented performer and master instructor, Amara.

In August 2000 and for several years thereafter, this local production presented works not usually seen in traditional Middle Eastern dance venues because of their controversial nature (religious, sensual, or avant garde!)

Other performers included members of Perfumes of Araby, of Amara's troupe, Ya Helewa! For more information on Amara and her productions, please check here

Pictured at left: David & Anaheed in "Lotus and the Cross." EEMED 2000

Thanks for supporting your local Belly Dancers! Blessings, Anaheed.

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