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Tribal Style Bellydance, Austin, TX
APRIL ROSE, of Bellydance Superstars

April Rose, Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer

Unmata, Belly Dance TroupeApril Rose has been belly dancing Tribal Fusion and Egyptian Cabaret for 11 years and is a member of the internationally renowned dance company, Bellydance Superstars. She was also a 5 year-long member of the award winning, world-touring troupe UNMATA. She is currently earning her Masters Degree in Dance, Performance, and Culture at UCLA where she holds also BA in Dance & Choreography. She has performed and taught across the country and abroad in Taiwan, France, Spain, the UK, Italy, Croatia, Mexico, and Japan. In addition to bellydance she is trained in ballet, modern, West African, jazz, hip hop, Bedhayo Javanese court dance, Bharatanatyam, Odissi, & Khathak classical Indian dances. April Rose has also studied dance, yoga, and Hindi for extended periods in North India.

The Nautch ProjectHer current side project is a student-based dance troupe called The Nautch Project which performs at festivals and local events. April Rose teaches dance classes 3 nights a week in West Los Angeles as well as in the Mid-City/Pico-Robertson area. In addition to teaching the official Hot Pot Improvisational Tribal Style of UNMATA she also teaches original choreography. HPITS is a codified repertoire of movements and combinations that are used in cued improvisation. The style was created by Amy Sigil of UNMATA, and although it has roots in the ATS format, Hot Pot ITS consists of a very different and specific library of movement. Tribal dance troupes all over the globe are becoming versed in this style of group improvisation. April Rose, a member of UNMATA, has been trained by Amy Sigil to teach HPITS formally and has begun the first chapter of Hot Pot ITS, outside of Sacramento, in Los Angeles, California.

April Rose Belly Dance Troupe

April Rose, Egyptian Cabaret DancerThe format is based on a 6 week introductory course, a 12 week beginning course, and a 32 week intermediate level course. To advance from the beginning to intermediate level, each student must pass a written and dance-based evaluation. Students in April's choreography classes will also find performance opportunities to share their hard work together.


Visit April Rose' website for class & performance info, photos, and videos.

Contact April Rose or 916-308-6004

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