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Arabesque Dancers
ARABESQUE DANCERS, 323/819-0044 or 818/489-9734
PO Box 41941, Los Angeles, Ca 90041


Arabesque Belly Dancers

The Arabesque Dancers is a belly dance company that creates shows to fit the occasion. They have performed in many theatre productions, birthday parties, weddings, restaurants, festivals, theme parties, and experimental venues.


Each dancer is highly accomplished. Their repertoire includes traditional belly dance styles and creative dances with influences from other world dance forms. Their music and costuming is exciting and varied.

Belly Dance Troupe, Arabesque Dancers
Shows typically consist of one to four dancers performing a variety of dances for approximately 25 minutes. Pricing is based on the number of dancers and day/time of the show.

Miriam and Juliet, Arabesque Dancers

The Arabesque Dancers are also available for video, print ads, teaching, and workshops. For more information, please call or email and ask for Juliette.

 Arabesque Bellydancers in Performance

Belly Dancer
Sketch Cards:

Belly Dancer Sketch Card Art

Some of you may be aware that I have been doing lots of Art and Art related projects over the past few years. In fact, I now sign my name Penny Lee StewArt!

I recently painted 25 sketch cards of belly dancers, 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size. They are very collectible and make great gifts.

Please visit my Daily Paint Works Gallery if you are interested in purchasing. Thanks.  

Penny StewArt
aka The Pink Gypsy


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