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ATLANTIS: Belly Dancer of the Universe® Competitions
(562) 433 6615

Vice President of the Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association (MECDA Beach Cities Chapter). Member of Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association "Hall of Fame."

Atlantis, Belly DancerAWARDS including:
Best Oriental Dancer,
Zaghareet Magazine
Best Cabaret Dancer - International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance.
Promoter of the year, Zaghareet Magazine
Best Event - Belly Dancer of the Universe Competitions, Zaghareet Magazine

Atlantis' year has been most exciting with her company "Belly Dancers of the Universe," providing entertainment for the stars and special events.

Hollywood luminaries such as Jerry Bruckheimer and Lawrence Kazden marveled; Coach Phil Jackson of Laker's fame proclaimed Atlantis "His Beautiful Baby!" Even USC Coach Pete Carol got up and mamboed about with Atlantis after their championship win against Oklahoma. Geena Davis and Paula Abdul also found time to take a swing of the hips! Also, Atlantis landed a great spot on a "Good Morning America" feature "Spotlight in Long Beach," showing "What's Hot in Long Beach."

Currently Atlantis is working on the new DVD "Mega Stars of the Universe" featuring Champions of the BDUC.

ATLANTIS: "Brightest Star in the Universe" by Cari Marten Trimper

"To me, Atlantis is the greatest belly dancer of our time.  She and her mother, Tonya, produce the annual Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition which includes the Little, Junior, and Divine categories with the Divine featuring dancers with 20 plus years of experience.  (In February each year on President's Day weekend.)  Other categories include the Egyptian category with the finals competition music sent to them in advance with a spontaneous drum solo attached at the competition, and the Group category for two or more, based on choreographic excellence.  This is the most outstanding competition of its kind (not to be missed).

Atlantis is the true embodiment of the Universal Dancer.  She was called to do an overnight Egyptian Spectacular at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas only to return in time to jump on a plane to work in Florida at the request of Kahreen and Kira, another wonderful mother/daughter duo.  Atlantis has all the necessary requirements that make a star a Star.  She is a terrific vocalist, outstanding actress and her dance (all kinds) is unbeatable.  Her international video credits alone have brought her world fame, along with her television and stage work.  More important than that, she is an extremely honest and dignified person with no heavy ego problems.  She knows her power, yet is kind and sharing.  Whenever she has a special job such as one with famous people, she will always do her best to get as many dancers involved as possible, and they always get full credit.  She choreographs the numbers for her company so that everyone has equal time and she never uses her companyjust as a back-up for herself.  She needs no adoration yet receives it from all who know her and watch her perform. AtlantisAtlantis has most recently captured the International Academy Award for Best Cabaret Dancer and just prior to that she received the part of the Greek dancer in the great soap opera "The Young and the Restless" with wonderful acclaim from the cast itself. When I asked her about it, she was completely down to earth (with the exception of still floating on the cloud cause Mr. Soap himself (Eric Braydon) was such a dream.  She always loves working with Guy Chookoorian and son Arshak who are great musician/friends and said the whole experience was he best! Most recently Atlantis has completed a docudrama in which she depicted "Hakfet Famey" the famous belly dancer girlfriend of WWII's General Romel, which will also be aired internationally.  This young lady has never had to butter up her credits.  They are for real. Respect is most meaningful to Atlantis.  Her respect for her mother and the dance serve as a wonderful guide for us all.  Her choreography and teaching skills are the finest and her performances are pure energy and strength. 

When I asked Atlantis how she manages to keep everything going, she calmly answers, "There is life after belly dancing.  I must  have equal time for my personal life as well as for belly dancing and entertaining.  That way I am always in a balanced state, and I am very grateful for my wonderful life."

 Tonya and Atlantis produce the annual
Belly Dancer of the Universe™ Competition
PMB 343
5318 East Second Street,
Long Beach, CA 90803-5354
(562) 433 6615

Belly Dancer
Sketch Cards:

Belly Dancer Sketch Card Art

Some of you may be aware that I have been doing lots of Art and Art related projects over the past few years. In fact, I now sign my name Penny Lee StewArt!

I recently painted 25 sketch cards of belly dancers, 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size. They are very collectible and make great gifts.

Please visit my Daily Paint Works Gallery if you are interested in purchasing. Thanks.  

Penny StewArt
aka The Pink Gypsy


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