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The Turkish Delight, Middle Eastern Belly Dancer,
San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, CA
Dilek, Belly Dancer, Turkish Style

Email: / Phone: 619-459-4894

Dilek: The Turkish Delight, Middle Eastern Belly Dancer,
Turkish and Egyptian Styles. San Diego, O.C. and L.A., CA

Dilek, Bellydancer, San Diego, CA" I was born and raised in Turkey, dancing Turkish style since I was a child, which I learned while watching others at the parties, weddings, and gatherings with friends. I still keep learning new techniques, combinations from various well-know instructors. Currently, I am the only Turkish Dancer in the San Diego area, entertaining the audience with my unique and lovely style of dance.

My style of dance is Turkish and Egyptian, but I also like to dance to Gypsy rhythms because of the sound of the tambourine and clarinet. I do use zills with Turkish and Egyptian styles of dance. I am currently working on a research project on Turkish Gypsies, and will be traveling to Turkey next year to visit my country, friends, family. While I am there I am planning to visit Sulukule for my research project and meet some dancers to interview, watch and learn more of the Turkish Gypsy style.

Other props I use in my performance are the veil, tambourine, sword, cane, and the candle tray. I love to mesmerize the audience with my impressions and feeling, interpreting the music into my dance. My cute accents, strong shimmies, Turkish drops and backbends, beautiful and elegant arm moves, strong isolations, high energy, communication with my audience, and face impressions make me a unique Turkish dancer.

Dilek, Egyptian Style BellydanceThere are so many dreams I would love to pursue such as interior design, opening my own Ottoman cuisine specialty restaurant in downtown San Diego, owning a store specializing in Turkish costumes and crafts, as well as owning a dance school. I would also love to publish a recipe book containing recipes I've learned over the years from my mother and grandmother, including some of my own recipes. A name I'm considering for this cookbook is "From My Soul to Your Kitchen."

I am extremely happy to live in San Diego, and consider myself very fortunate to have all that I do, a wonderful career, a wonderful family and friends, and my dancing."

Dilek teaches Middle Eastern Orientale, and Turkish Gypsy at her home studio for group, semi-private, or private.




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