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The History of Bellydance 

Bellydance, also known as the dance of the people, reflects the basic life experiences common to all. Born to celebrate Mother Earth, Bellydance, with a long and colorful history, originated as a fertility ritual dance. 2300 years after Enheduanna wrote about the patriarchal religions developing and conquering the matriarch based religions, Bellydance and sexuality were no longer considered sacred or spiritual, but evil. 

As the Ottoman Empire reigned, female gypsy dancers were hired to entertain the women living in the harems – this continued the original legacy of women dancing exclusively for women. 

At the end of Ottoman Empire, Turkey became a republic, religious limitations were lifted and women were allowed to once again entertain and dance for men. 

The European painters discovered Middle-Eastern dance in the 18th Century, introducing it to the West, and giving it its name Bellydance because of their fascination with the exposed belly. Bellydance evolved from entertainment to art when its moves inspired the greats of modern dance including, Isadore Duncan, Ruth St. Denis and Martha Graham. As the dance gained popularity, it became an affirmation to women of the beauty and power they possessed over their husbands. 

Past and present, Bellydance encourages each dancer to celebrate her personal inner beauty. As well, dancers are taught basic universal steps, but are able and encouraged to mold and transform the dance into their own. The philosophy being that the dance is what you put into it and what you want to get out of it. Bellydance is now performed worldwide as entertainment, art, in religious ceremonies, as a birth dance and as a fitness regiment through THE GODDESS WORKOUT with Dolphina.

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DISCLAIMER: Because bellydance, like all other exercise, may be strenuous, please consult your physician before beginning The Goddess Workout, or any other exercise program. 

Dolphina, Belly Dancer & Goddess Workout VideoWith a loyal and dedicated following, Dolphina is in great demand not only with her students, but also with Hollywood’s entertainment community and its high profile players. Dolphina has performed her art of bellydancing for a variety of celebrities including, James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Barbara Streisand, David Geffen, Shirley Maclaine and Tom Hanks. In addition, Dolphina the actress, has been spotted playing opposite such acting favorites as Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman and Clint Eastwood.

Dolphina, born in Northern California learned to bellydance at the early age of four. As she matured she realized the value dance held for her, and attended the prestigious American Academy of Dance and Drama. Her continued passion for dance drew her to many different opportunities, where CNN targeted her as a key contributor to the resurgence of burlesque. After traveling around the world for the past five years, Dolphina has returned to her California roots to create her instructional and exceptional 50-minute DVD THE GODDESS WORKOUT.

"I am amazed by the fast and efficient service that I received by doing business with the Pink Gypsy. I received my order from California to Mississippi in two days. The Goddess Workout is exactly what I was looking for. Now I can exercise and Belly Dance every single day. Dolphina is inspirational and magical. Thank You." Stacey Cooley

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Dolphina, a descendant of Bulgarian gypsies, was born in Northern California and learned to Bellydance at the age of four. At fourteen she traveled to Morocco where the connection and love for Bellydance was truly made. Dolphina, realizing her deep commitment to dance, moved to New York City where she attended the prestigious American Academy of Dance and Drama. Simultaneously, Dolphina performed her art of Bellydance in upscale clubs around the city while establishing her name in the art and entertainment community. As a result, an acting career ensued and Dolphina found herself working opposite such talents as Jim Carrey, Harvey Keitel and Clint Eastwood. 

Pursuing a more spiritual quest, Dolphina decided to leave New York City and travel to more remote parts of the world including the West Indies. After arriving in the West Indies, she was in a near fatal boating accident. Rescued and recovered by the Dolphins that inhabited the waters, Dolphina survived and set out to find the true meaning of life.

Born from her experiences and her love of dance, Dolphina made a commitment to physical health, continued inner spirituality and the preservation of Dolphins. As Dolphina continued to travel the world through Europe, Mexico and the Middle East she was acutely aware of her goals. She returned to her California roots and opened the Dolphin Recovery Center in Malibu, filmed THE GODDESS WORKOUT DVD, and began teaching the benefits of Bellydance. Students and Hollywood heavy hitters alike believe she’s found the perfect balance for a fun, challenging, and sensual workout.

The  Dolphin Recovery Center, Malibu, CA

Did You Know that… 

Bellydancing has been around for more than 25,000 years and originated as a fertility ritual dance.

Bellydancing got its name when the European painters discovered Middle-Eastern dance in the Eighteenth Century, and introduced it to the West by naming it Bellydancing, because of the women's exposed belly.

The Goddess Workout is specifically designed to work out and tone every inch of the body on a cardiovascular level.

The Goddess Workout improves self-confidence by celebrating your inner feminine being and the Goddess that is inside every woman.

The Goddess Workout is designed to benefit women of all ages and all body types.

Bellydancing taps into the hidden Goddess within us, all we need to do is believe in ourselves and let the dancing begin.

Bellydancing can be good for pregnancy because it engages in movements that can ease lower-back pain and build up abdominal and pelvic muscles needed during labor. (Consult with your Physician before doing any exercise).

Bellydancing is a very sensual dance because it forces you to connect with the areas in your body where sexuality and power are experience.

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