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Hadia Habibi
Inland Empire Cabaret Belly Dance Entertainer,
Instructor & Belly Dance Fitness Coach or 760-780-8864

Classes in Riverside and private lessons throughout the Inland Empire CA

What qualifies me as a Bellydance Fitness Coach?
Hadia has many years of Belly Dancing & Fitness Training. Over 700 hrs as a California Licensed Massage Therapist with 4+ years in the field - Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Class Descriptions:

Shimmy Shape-up - Stretching, Strengthening and Bellydance techniques to improve your core that will get any dancer into top shape! Whether you want to be a Dancing Diva or just improve your overall wellness, this class is for you. But come prepared for a fun workout and bring a yoga mat and water. Much more fun than the gym. Welcome to Fun Fitness! Recommended for any inspiring or serious Belly Dancer, Samba Dancer, Salsa Dancer or Break Dancer. Requirements: Motivation, positive attitude, Bare feet, yoga mat, water.Bellydance Combos, Choreography and Props - Techniques from Hard Core Bellydance will be applied and the dancer in you emerges! With a strong core you will have a great center developed for Veil, Cane, Sword and other props used in Bellydance Entertainment. This class gives you the option to perform.

Let's Bellydance. Requirements: Motivation, positive attitude, bare feet, yoga mat, water. Must take at least 5 weeks of Hadias beginning class first, if you have no previous bellydance experience. Knowing how to spin is a plus. Hadia has most props avail for students, except silk veil. She highly encourages you to have your own props.

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