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JENNIFER 760-887-2316 or
Jennifer, a bellydancer, is available for your next party, wedding, bridal shower,
corporate event or family gathering.

Jennifer, Bellydancer in Victorville, CAYou could say bellydancing is in her blood. Of Romani (Gypsy) descent, Jennifer’s bellydance career began as a four year old invading her mother’s costume jewelry chest for anything sparkly, shiny and jingly with which to accompany her to family get-togethers . It would be 20 years before she was able to take her first proper belly dance class, but upon doing so she immediately became hooked.

A performer and avid student for the past 11 years and teacher for the past seven, Jennifer continues to study with some of the best and most world renown instructors on the planet including: Farida Fahmi, Mona el Said, Suhaila Salimpour, Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Jill Parker of Ultra Gypsy, Judeen, Alexandra King, Ansuya (of which she is an Ansuya Comprehensive graduate), and countless others.

BELLYDANCE CLASSES: Jennifer’s teaching style is easy and relaxed yet classes are challenging, fast paced, and rewarding as she assists students in creating muscle memory by strengthening the mind/body connection which seems to be lacking in these modern times. Learn the ancient and feminine art of Belly Dancing with Jennifer in a nonjudgmental environment. Classes focus on basic movement, veil, zills, and isolations from countries throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean. Combinations are taught and drilled in each class and strung together to create mini-choreographies. Classes held in Victorville, California. Beginning Belly Dance: Learn basic movements, rhythm patterns, posture, and history. Intermediate Belly Dance: Learn layering, technique, choreography, and involvement in student troupe the Velvet Plume Dance Company. Private instruction also available, contact or 760-887-2316.




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