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Katia Lopez,
Bellydancer, Snake Charmer, Serpent Sorceress
Katia Lopez, Snake Charmer  Belly Dancer, Serpent Sorceress or (323) 252-5766

Katia Lopez, Snake CharmerKatia is a performer Located in Los Angeles, CA. Her Energetic Exotic Egyptian Latin bellydance moves will mesmerize you. Her bellydance moves resemble the sophistication of snake moves. She performs for fortune 500 companies, Corporations, Festivals, Special Events, etc. She's also a regular on TV shows, Commercials and Movies. Voted one of the best professional shows in California, Guaranteed.

Katia is also a Serpent Sorceress. She could walk around at your event with a beautiful tamed ball python (5 ft.) or Albino burmese python (14 ft.) on her shoulders, and even do a 30 min or 1 hour magic show appearing snakes from different props. Different packages are available.

Snake Charmer, Bellydancer, Katia

She will make you feel very important in your party. Audience participation is always fun but not needed. Hire Katia and make your party worth speaking about.

Katia Lopez, Bellydancer, Snake Charmer, TeacherIf you would like private belly dance lessons or to attend a workshop, Katia will teach you the secrets of her dance moves step by step, breaking down the moves, one vertebra at a time. If you are interested in learning how to belly dance, lessons / classes are taken to the comfort of your home by Katia.

Get Fit with Belly Dance. Belly Dance is one of the Best exercises, because it works all your muscles, even the hidden ones in your belly. Give me two months in the privacy of your home with a simple diet I will provide and I will help you get fit. Let's shed a few pounds together.

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Katia Snake Dancer




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