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Redondo Beach, CA - - 310 937-6141       

Marina Darowish, Blue Costume, Belly DancingFor the past five years I have been lucky to share the joy of belly dancing with audiences from Brazil to Southern California. My interest in this art began at an early age with the support of my Lebanese grandmother (hence my stage name, Marina Darowish, her maiden name).

I started my formal training in belly dancing, Arabic folklore dance and gypsy dance in my hometown of Rio de Janeiro. I continued my studies with some of the leading instructors in Sao Paolo, Brazil and subsequently here in the LA area. Through the years I have mastered the art of this sensual dance along with the use of the veil, sword, cane and zils (hand symbols). Now, through grace and fluidity of motion I view myself as an added instrument of expression for what many consider the most energetic and sensuous music ever heard.

As I become one with the rhythm of the music I carry audiences with me to the ecstasy I experience with every performance. I select the music, my costumes and movements with great care and attention to fit the mood of the crowds I entertain.

One night the seductive, uninhibited devil in red, the next night I can be the graceful and elegant queen dressed in gold run away from her castle for the night to live the life of a gypsy.

Regardless of the role, my natural love for the dance and seemingly endless source of energy permeates every audience and brings crowds to their feet.

So whatever the occasion for your celebration, be it a birthday, wedding, graduation, corporate event or just to send a belly-gram and show someone you care, I can deliver the goods! (Bar mitzvahs maybe but, please, no bachelor parties!)


Marina (dancer) in Silver and Blue Costume


Belly Dancer
Sketch Cards:

Belly Dancer Sketch Card Art

Some of you may be aware that I have been doing lots of Art and Art related projects over the past few years. In fact, I now sign my name Penny Lee StewArt!

I recently painted 25 sketch cards of belly dancers, 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size. They are very collectible and make great gifts.

Please visit my Daily Paint Works Gallery if you are interested in purchasing. Thanks.  

Penny StewArt
aka The Pink Gypsy


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