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Marissa, San Diego Belly Dancer


Belly Dancer in San Diego, CA

619-964-6489 or

In 2003, Marissa became enchanted with Middle Eastern dance. She studied and performed with Lebonese dance artist Nabila Metwalli. In 2004, Marissa joined the troupe Enchantresses Of the Desert. In 2006, she moved to San Diego and performed with Sands Of Arabia under the direction of multi award winning dancer Lucia.

Marissa has been focused on the art of Egpytian style belly dance, Raqs Sharki and is currently working with international dance artist and coach DaVid of Scandinavia.

During her career as a performer, Marissa has placed in the top three at the Arabesque Dance Compition and City of San Marcos Dance Competition. Marissa specializes in Egyptian Raqs Sharki, Baladi, Saidi, and Kaleegi and is skilled with zills, veil work, Shamadan (candleabra) candle tray, isis wings, and cane work.

She shares her passion for Middle Eastern dance with her audience and is dedicated to assisting students express themselves through the elegant art of belly dance. Marissa is available for all family events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday parties. She also performs at corporate, public events, and restaurants in and around the San Diego area. Her performances are professional, elegant, fun, and memorable for everyone!

Marissa, Entertainer and Belly Dancer, San Diego, CA

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