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Shakti Bellydance and Yoga, Teacher and Performer
Santa Monica, CA and Sedona, AZ
310-499-3171 /

ShaktiShakti is the creative life force that fuels the universe. Seek me out for experiences that defy traditional confines of Middle Eastern Dance - providing a theatrical and modern interpretation befitting of an artist from Venice Beach! Indeed, my training in the Raq Sharki Egyptian style  of dance provided me with a classical understanding of why I work with each shape and movement to invoke the audience. I enjoy working with Tribal Fusion and  American Cabaret influences. I believe the belly dancer's body is the conduit for the feminine divine Shakti and seek to reach women in particular with this art form. I am also a 200 hour Registered Yoga Instructor who began teaching in 2008. With a BA in Theatre it has long since been my intention to foster experiences that are cathartic and liberating for both performer and audience.

My typical belly dance set is 15-20 minutes so for parties that need entertainment throughout the spans of an event (3 hours or more)
I create "mini shows" for these requests. For example 1 with veil, one with palm flames and 1 with zills or drum solo...I will choreograph and bring a high level of energy similar to in a cabaret or restaurant. In between sets I dance through the party and do little side shows, I can even do a mini lesson if this is something your guests would enjoy.
Additional Dancers Available - Duet or Trio

Shakti Bellydance and YogaBelly Dance Baby Shower 
For small groups, includes costumes to play with, a brief intro to bellydance as a sacred womb dance that was used by all ancient cultures to support women through pre/post natal. This is a true ceremony to honor the mother to be and closest tribe in the circle of sisterhood!

Belly Dance Bridal Shower 
Get your closest "Shakti Sisters" together for an uplifting kick off to any baccalaureate time! This sampler will teach you the basic 7 moves of Middle Eastern Belly Dance and sexy moves to get everyone laughing and having a good time!

Group Class - Yoga + Bellydance = Spiritual Fitness 
Get any group together for a weekly class for under $10 per student! Please inquire so I can send you my exciting lesson plan that will take you through an 8 week program which teaches the basic middle eastern dance moves along side a complete yoga experience. You will learn about the Chakra system, sacred geometry, chanting, and how to work with the subtle energy centers in the body to promote well being. Kundalini Yoga techniques for removing blockages.

Yoga Instruction
Private yoga instruction to include Vinyassa Flow, Restorative (Yin) and Kundalini Tantra. 




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