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SHAUNTI FERA, Bellydancer, Los Angeles, California
Shaunti, Bellydancer in Los Angeles, CA
Contact: 310-422-9130,, or

Shaunti Fera has studied a broad range of dance styles since early childhood.

Shaunti with Sword Balancing Bellydance PerformanceIn addition to Middle-Eastern dance, she has accumulated experience in ballet, jazz, modern, African, Balinese and tango. Her diverse dance background enriches her bellydance performances, packing them full of grace, balance, and expression.

Shaunti began her training in Middle-Eastern dance over 12 years ago and has over 8 years of professional performance experience. Her bellydance style includes elements of Egyptian, Lebanese and classical dance styles. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2005, Shaunti has performed at over 75 weddings and countless family events. She has traveled across the country on numerous occasions to perform in special engagements.

She has also appeared at many of the Middle-Eastern restaurants and banquet halls in the LA area, including Cayenne, Maroush, Papa Cristo's, Uptown Kebob, Burger Continental, Noah's Arc and Dandana.

Shaunti, Bellydancer with Candelabra PropsIn addition to being an adept solo performer, Shaunti has accumulated a wealth of performance experience dancing with many of LA's top bellydance companies. She has been privileged to work with a variety of directors and choreographers, including Zahra Zuhair, Kamala, Sahra Saeeda, Adam Basma, Laura Crawford and Aubre.

In 2009, Shaunti co-founded Sababa Dance Co. with another of LA's top soloists, Nar. Sababa Dance Co. continues to thrive and may be booked through Shaunti Fera for special events.



Shaunti with Veils in Performance of Belly Dance






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