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Belly Love Belly Dance at Dilley's Dance Studio
Denell Dilley, Belly Love Dance at Dilley's Dance Studio  Encinitas, CA

760 889 5050 or

Belly dance is a fun way to incorporate aerobic exercise and improve your flexibility, balance and muscle tone. There are belly dance classes for students at all levels of experience. Our classes involve a breakdown of dance movements, use of finger symbols, veils, floor-work and more. Classes are held at Dilley's Dance Studio in North San Diego County in Encinitas, California.

Denell Dilley, Belly DancerDenell Dilley, owner of the studio, has been dancing in the area for the last 8 years. She started learning over 30 years ago and started teaching 5 years ago. Denell loves the dance and encourages all of her students to attend local events and participate in the workshops that are available to them. She works hard to build up the confidence of each student and lets them work at their own pace. She feels that belly dance is like a smorgasbord, so she tries to get them to experiment with different things but never pushes them if they are physically unable.

All classes begin with warm-up and stretching and end in cool-down and stretching.

Denell Dilley teaches bellydance in Encinitas, CA

The absolute beginner foundation class is taught with body awareness in mind, since most beginners have a hard time finding the muscles to do the basic moves in the dance. The student is taught external and internal movement, preparation exercises for belly rolls. They also learn basic steps and technique, simple music theory and some cultural background and history of the dance.

In Beginner/Intermediate class the students are introduced to belly roll, finger cymbals, layering, veil andcane. They learn simple choreographed dances, more difficult technique, and drill with higher intensity. The students' knowledge of music, culture, and history is deepened. They are encouraged to drill with finger cymbals, although it is not mandatory in this class.

In intermediate class students are required to drill with finger cymbals. They learn floor work preparation and are required to choreograph a song of their own choice and perform it for the class every 6 months. They are introduced to ATS and Tribal Fusion. They continue with more difficult technique and dance theory. Here is where they are encouraged to engage in regular student performances and competitions.




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