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HENNA (also known as MENDHI) tattoo artists are available on an hourly basis for any special event.

Blanca Rose, Henna for Indian Brides and Bellydancers - Chino, CA

Dawn, MAWANA , Mendhi and Jagua Designs - Santa Cruz, CA

Fayme Zelena Harper, Bellydancer and Mendhi - Orange County

Karina, Henna Artist - Studio City

Kristen, Henna Artist - Fullerton, CA

Mariana - Bellydance and Henna Parties - El Cajon

Sabrina, Bellydancer and Henna Parties - San Diego

Tahani, Bellydancer, Teacher and Henna Parties - Orange County

Tahiya, Bellydancer and Henna Designs - Santa Monica

Tatiana's Tattoo "I am a belly dancer from South Africa and I have read some of your Q/A on the net. I myself have a tatoo of a dragon circling around my belly button. Apart from my old teacher, who were a bit misinformed about most things, I really haven't had anybody making comments about my tatoo - in fact - most people (Greeks etc.) find it fascinating.

Only for some TV appearances like ads I have to cover it up. Of course it also depends on what the tatoo looks like. I have seen some really ugly ones that had to be covered up. I actually have read that the middle easten women do henna tatoos and real ones as a symbol for protection.

But in the end it's a matter of taste and many people are still very conservative and misinformed about tatoos." Tatiana  


FROM TURBAN TO TOE RING, By Dawn Devine Brown and Barry Brown (2000)

Tribal is a tremendously popular dance and costuming style. From Turban to Toe Ring was written with the tribal costuming enthusiast in mind. This book introduces the principles of tribal costuming and goes over how to create a stunning tribal costuming. From selecting jewelry, to making costume pieces, tying a turban and using henna, this book has it all.

This book explores the various layers and elements that compose the tribal style costume. From jewelry and cosmetics to cholis, skirts, and pants, this book is loaded with directions for designing and making the garments described in this book. With over 300 illustrations and diagrams, this book is an essential addition to the reference libraries of costumers, teachers and tribal styles dancers. Not just for tribal costumers, this book contains costume parts and pieces that can be used to make ensembles suitable for dancers who just want a more folkloric, historical, fusion or Gypsy look. Spiral Bound, 96 pp.







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