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Leyla Najma, Lifelong Professional Belly Dancer!
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 505-349-5957 or
Leyla Najma, Bellydancer
Belly Dance Writer, Philosopher and a Renaissance woman of feminine thoughts and ideas. Shaking Hips since 1994.

"I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons at the age of 6 when I saw Belly Dancers on TV and knew immediately that Belly Dancing was going to be a part of my life. It was a calling that lived inside me and even at that young of age I knew my life would never be the same thus my belly dance journey began. Since then I've traveled and studied in Egypt, performed all across the United States produced theatrical shows, workshops, taught privately and owned a studio and have been on line since 2001 offering DVD's, live on line classes , instructional on line videos. I love writing for my blog, belly dance magazines! I even found time to write my book which is coming soon.  

As a Belly Dancer, performing in public is something that brings it all together. There are many types of performing and many different venues and stage performing is very much different then other types of performing. I love stage performing. Stage performing is a venue that allows for a the most amount of creative freedom and the opportunity to perform with much fewer restrictions. You can work out most any type of choreography without having to worry about the space considerations or restrictions that say, restaurant performing imposes (no tables or chairs). The energy level is so different as well. It's just a whole different universe of dancing and performing - especially in contrast to restaurant performing. People aren't doing other things like eating, or drinking. Waiters, or wait staff aren't walking by. There's not audible distractions (the clickty, clank of dishes) The absolute best thing about stage performing is the audience. They are there to see Belly Dancing and to see you perform. They aren't there to eat, drink, or socialize. They are fans of Belly Dancing and they are every bit as focused on you and your dancing as you are." offers on-line Belly Dance Instructional videos that help students connect the dots in easy to understand classes for all levels of dancers.

Leyla Najma also offers a unique experience with her membership site that offers students and dancers a library of videos at their convenience, in addition to articles, interviews and much more! Leyla adds a video a month for all members as well as history, stage info, surprises and fun!




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