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Natasya Katsikaris
PH 805-640-5781 or Email

Natasya Katsikaris, second generation Greek-American Belly Dancer in Ventura and Ojai CaliforniaA second generation Greek-American, Natasya grew up learning the music and dances of the Asia Minor Greeks. She first studied bellydance with Alexandra King and performed with the U.C.S.B. Middle Eastern Music Ensemble (1991-93). After two years with the Ensemble, Ms. Katsikaris began her professional career dancing in Greek and Arabic restaurants. She was a featured dancer at Ventura's Greek at the Harbor for 7 years (1996-2003).

In 1999, Natasya opened Fusion Studio, Ventura's first and only bellydance studio. She founded and produced the first Bellydance Festivals in Ojai and Ventura (Ventura Bellydance Festival 1999-2004 and Equinox Tribal Bellydance Festival in Ojai 2002-2003).  She has taught hundreds of bellydance students. Natasya lived in Portland OR from 2004-2007 during which time her students, including Vicki Westerling, continued teaching bellydance in the Ventura area.

In 2007 Natasya and her husband, Daniel returned to Ojai, CA

Natasya, Traditional Near Eastern Belly DancerTraditional Near Eastern Belly Dance 

Professional Dancers and Live Musicians available for Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Northern Los Angeles counties

Middle Eastern, Greek, Roman, and Gypsy theme parties

Cultural Events and Education
Stage productions
Birthday Parties & Retirement Parties
Family style entertainment  (sorry no "adult" shows)

Natasya Kat
Belly Dancer with recorded or live music.  
Cabaret / "Gypsy" shows / Flamenco Fusion  Authentic Folkloric & Educational shows  

Arabic, Armenian, Al-Andalus, Greek, Persian, Rom (Gypsy), and Turkish music 

Always tasteful, tactful, and professional  Reliable and punctual   
Please confirm bookings at least 24 hours in advance. 

Natasya's Bellydance Classes in Ventura and Ojai, CaliforniaBellydance Classes: Ventura and Ojai CA : Beginners to Advanced:

Natasya's classes combine the best of the
west (musical count and movement break-downs) with the soul of the east (improvisation and music interpretation). Traditional Near Eastern Style, American Tribal Style, Urban Tribal Fusion, and "Tribaret". 

Beginner / Level 1: Learn basic universal bellydance movement and traditional Near Eastern rhythms, combinations for tribal style group dance. Focus on correct posture and body alignment. Basic Zills (finger cymbals).

Intermediate / Level 2: Focus on perfecting traditional zill rhythms and deepening your understanding of near eastern music. Layered and complex movements. Group improvisation.

Advanced / Level 3: Musical interpretation for solo and group improvisation. Polish performance skills and develop poise. Advanced movement combinations. Advanced Zills (finger cymbals).

Please to confirm dates of Class Sessions and/or availablility of drop-in class.




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